Our Mission

We partner and advocate with Latino/a/x families, schools and communities to ensure equitable educational outcomes.

Our Vision

SKCE’s vision is that Spanish speaking Latino/a/x families with immigrant backgrounds live in a safe and inclusive community without fear and prejudice, and their children receive an equitable education, graduate from high school with the skills and opportunities to continue their education and career paths.


  • Latino/a/x Spanish-speaking parents are the first teachers, mentors and coaches of their children.
  • Latino/a/x Spanish-speaking parents are partners and leaders with teachers and administrators in individual schools.
  • Latino/a/x Spanish-speaking parents from all backgrounds are meaningfully involved in the education of their children.
  • Latino/a/x Spanish-speaking parents are represented in various decision-making bodies in the whole education system.
  • Latino/a/x Spanish-speaking parents are included, through the providing of language access, in all aspects of the education of their children and the education system overall.

Our Strategies

Engage with and equip Spanish-speaking immigrant parents and families to access healthy family services, training and education, and leadership opportunities.

Partner with parents, Salem Keizer Public Schools and local community members and organizations to improve Latino/a/x student and family outcomes.

Advocate with policy makers and administrators to ensure that decisions and the implementation of programs include the voice and experiences of Latino/a/x students and families with Spanish-speaking immigrant backgrounds.

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