Annalivia's Retiring

Annalivia Palazzo-Angulo

Annalivia's Farewell Letter

Dear friends,

I am both elated and wistful to bring you the news that I am officially retiring.

It has been an amazing journey and you have been an important part of it. I am filled with memories of moments — some difficult, some thrilling, some proud, and many involving you. I am so thankful for all of those experiences, and I am filled with gratitude for each and every one of you.I want to assure you that SKCE is in good hands. We have worked hard for the last three years in strategic planning and building strong systems to be fully ready for this transition with a masterful plan led by an excellent board and expert consultants.

You probably know, as I do, that our dedicated program staff and leadership are awesome. They are the heart and soul of SKCE, and they are the reason you and everyone else gives such kudos to SKCE for the impact we have on families, on the community, and on educational success. They are our first priority in this transition, and they are participating collectively with the board to find the best Executive Director for our culture, our wisdom, and our cause.

Please know that even though I am retiring as Executive Director, I am continuing as grant writer for a while and will not leave the organization hanging. Funding will be consistent and sustainable. Our impact will not be affected. Our leadership in the community will not go away. And your continued support and dedication is a critical part of a successful transition.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your loving patience and support of my difficult but rewarding journey as I learned and grew and became a successful leader.

I am forever grateful,


Board Celebrates Annalivia’s Legacy

Board of directors: Jonathan Castro-Monroy (Board Chair and Business Owner); Chris Brantley (Board Treasurer and retired teacher, principal, and former School Board Member of SKPS); Carol Crum (Board secretary and Legislative Assistant); Juan Saldaña (former Chair, Trio Program academic advisor at Chemeketa Community College); Pam Wojcik (Board Member and retired Bilingual Elementary Teacher); Stacey Vieyra-Braendle (Board member and Occupational Therapist); Ronnie Jerone (RJ) Hampton (Board member and Engineering teacher and coach at CTEC); Mayra Rocha (Board member, Real Estate Agent with Tu Casa, and business owner); Ana Manzur-Silva (Board member and Farmer’s Insurance agent); and Lighiz Castanon-Nolasco (Board member and program parent participant).

How do you acknowledge more than 20 years of passion and persistence that has resulted in a mature, financially stable non-profit organization with stellar programs and partnerships?

Some longer-term board members were asked, “What do you see as Annalivia’s legacy?”

Here’s what they said:

  • She values every person and finds ways for them to share their wisdom and talents.
  • Annalivia never stops! She is always thinking about ways to support our Latino/a/x families.
  • She has helped staff develop leadership skills and represent SKCE in important partnerships.
  • Annalivia has tripled the organization’s annual budget and positioned us well for the future.

All of these things are true, but perhaps her greatest legacy is the heart she has shared for the Latino/a/x community, the board, the staff, and the organization.

May we forever remember to lead from the heart.



Today we say goodbye to someone very special, someone who gave us beautiful moments of teaching and commitment to the community and employees, sharing your wisdom, your affection, your patience and your dedication. The experiences lived with you made us understand the true meaning of helping others, unity, solidarity, empathy and trust, planting in us knowledge and values which will remain forever in our hearts.

Annalivia, you have undoubtedly been one of the fundamental pillars of our organization. Our commitment and leadership with the education of our Latino children and families have left a great impact on our community.

It is not easy to say goodbye to a great person like you, but it is a great satisfaction to have been part of your history; we know that it is not a goodbye, but a see you later, because we are excited to know that we will always count on you.

THANKS A LOT; these words are not enough to express what we feel; these words are a mixture of sadness, happiness and affection. Thank you for that great legacy you leave in each of us.

At this time, words fall short, expressions are not enough to express all the admiration, respect and affection we have for you. Perhaps only the simplest word remains, but said with the soul and with the hand on the heart:


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