Our 2016 Raising the Bar for Oregon
Luncheon videos are ready!

We hope that you enjoy these two videos. One is of our full luncheon program and the other is an extract of our parents testimonies.

Our wonderful long time board member, Aurora Cedillo, was the MC. Our Executive Director, Annalivia Palazzo Angulo kicked off the luncheon, followed by our keynote speaker, Salam Noor, the Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction for Oregon’s Department of Education. Next was the former student body President at Willamette University, Shamir Cervantes, followed by parent testimonies. Bless her heart, Celia Flores tearfully followed her mother’s video testimony. It was one of many great moments in the luncheon. Maria Isabel Saldaña, daughter of another parent program participant and a current freshman at Willamette University, followed Celia.

Eric Lindauer, former President of Oregon Community Foundation and co-founder of the Latino Partnership Project, was our closing speaker.

To view the individual speeches, forward the full luncheon video to the time listed below for each speaker:

Salam Noor (17:00)
Shamir Cervantes (31.18)
Celia Flores (50:16)
Maria Isabel Saldaña (54:06)
Eric Lindauer (1:01:30)

The shorter video below is an extract of full length video where two of our program parents speak about their dedication to their children’s education, and the training they received from SKCE to help their children.

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