Annalivia’s Retirement

Annalivia Palazzo-Angulo, co-founder of Salem Keizer Coalition for Equality (SKCE), became our Executive Director in 2013. Since then, she has been our successful leader, expanding both the scope and the budget of SKCE, increasing its number of partners as well as its visibility in the public education community. For many years and even before her leading role at SKCE, Annalivia is known for her tireless efforts to bring equity and access to education to every child in the Salem/Keizer region. Along with her husband (former SKCE Executive Director) Eduardo Angulo, she established SKCE as a strong and healthy organization. She leaves the organization in solid financial standing and a strong staff and Board that will continue to grow SKCE many programs.


The Board of Directors will oversee the process to choose Annalivia’s successor and has hired Dunetchka Otero-Serrano as an Interim Director. Dunetchka, a native from Puerto Rico, has over 20 years of social justice work and non-profit leadership. Annalivia will not be leaving the Coalition completely after her retirement. She will be doing various fundraising and other background tasks to help Dunetchka and the Board keep SKCE in good working order during this transition.


Annalivia’s retirement party was held at Pringle Hall Community Center, with almost 100 people attending. The SKCE staff enthusiastically set up the hall and welcomed friends to a wonderful gathering. Jan Calvin, friend and consultant, provided support with announcements and reservations, and Jonathan Castro Monroy, Chairman of the Board of Directors, was the emcee and, sometimes, also an interpreter. There were many speakers; staff, other nonprofit leaders, supporters, school administrators, and Annalivia’s husband, Eduardo.

We all enjoyed the celebration with tears and laughter, sending Annalivia off to rest, spend more time with her family, and work in her beautiful garden.

Below are both photos and videos of the retirement party. Please browse and enjoy. Annalivia heard some of the appreciation and esteem in which she’s held by friends and other community members.

Annalivia's Retirement Party Album

Salem Reporter article about Annalivia’s retirement


A force for parent empowerment, equity in Salem education retires

Jonathan Castro Monroy, SKCE Board Chair (and retirement party emcee), speaks about Annalivia’s accomplishments during her tenure as SKCE Executive Director.


Salem Keizer Schools Superintendent Christy Perry and Director of Elementary Education Olga Cobb speak about Annalivia’s work with them and building successful relationships with the school district during her tenure.
Benny Williams, past President of the Salem NAACP, talks about Annalivia and Eduardo, and their tenacity and commitment to the community in not taking “No” for an answer.
Jaime Arredondo, Executive Director of Capaces Leadership Institute, recounts Annalivia’s role in the schools as advocate, and how successful the Coalition’s efforts have been.
Cynthia Richardson, Salem Keizer Public Schools OSEAA Director, talks of the long and successful years she and Annalivia have worked for student equity together.
Emilio Solano, former Executive Director of Willamette Academy, talks about the support of SKCE and Annalivia in helping to keep Willamette Academy active.
Mariano Orta, one of the first parents in the Leadership programs, gives thanks for a feeling of more safety due to advocacy and parent training.
Javier Quiroz, longtime SKCE staff, and parent organizer, talks about Annalivia as a warrior for equity.
Connie Chavez, Formando Familias Fuertes (Forming Strong Families) parent, talks about how beneficial the program has been for her family.
Annalivia thanks her staff and the many supporters who’ve come to celebrate with her.
Jan Calvin presents Eduardo Angulo with his award.

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